Aldous meets specific information needs of its clients by developing custom information solutions. The services are in the form of; Extracting information from unstructured data and converting it to relational databases.

The information you are looking for is most probably out there somewhere but it takes time and effort to reach it, keep it updated and save it in a handy place. Expertise leveraged by technology makes it possible to reach the desired information when you need it.


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Our online database provide competitive analysis data to participants of international service contracts launched by the European Commission.


Merging expertise with bibliographic data to develop custom reports, Aldous provides consulting services to meet a specific information requirement.  Every institution needs information to reduce uncertainty and facilitate decision making. Aldous provides research and analysis services that are customized to meet specific needs of our clients.

Developing performance indicators For:

•    Individuals
•    Institutions
•    Sectors
•    Regions

Who are willing to measure their progress and benchmark their activities, we provide the following services:

•    Selecting valid, meaningful and statistically sound indicators
•    Developing tools for measuring or deriving indicators
•    Interpreting and reporting of indicators


Indicators developed for a regional competitiveness analysis.