Aldous Hosts 20 Students under ERASMUS+ Program: An Unforgettable AI and Python Programming Journey

It was such an unusual experience for Aldous to host a group of 20 students, aged between 15 and 21, participating in the “Artificial Intelligence for Youth project under ERASMUS + Programme. These exceptional young individuals, hailing from mostly disadvantaged families in Turkey, embarked on a thrilling educational journey in the Netherlands, immersing themselves in the world of AI and Python programming.

The first stop on their itinerary was LAB42, nestled in the heart of the Amsterdam Science Park. Here, our students had the incredible opportunity to witness first-hand the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that permeates the environment.

The adventure continued as the group visited the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at the University of Amsterdam. Here, they marvelled at the practical applications of AI in the field of robotics, gaining a deeper understanding of how this technology is reshaping our world.

They were truly inspired by their peers at Codam Coding College, observing how new skills were being cultivated right before their eyes.

Their journey took an artistic turn when they explored NDSM Fuse and the Digital Shadows Expo at the Waag FutureLab. These visits ignited the creative spark within each student, pushing the boundaries of their imagination.

To wrap up their inspiring adventure, the students attended a captivating presentation in Amsterdam Smart City. This eye-opening experience demonstrated to them how they can actively participate in shaping the future of urban living.

No educational trip would be complete without experiencing the vibrant cultural heritage of a foreign land. In this case, the group had the privilege of visiting the renowned Rijksmuseum,immersing themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of the Netherlands.

The journey these students undertook was nothing short of life-changing. They returned to Turkey with a wealth of knowledge, new perspectives, and unforgettable memories. Aldous is immensely proud to have been a part of their educational odyssey, nurturing their potential and paving the way for their future success.

Implemented under Grant Agreement 2020-3-TR01-KA205-097360

Project Partners: Mamak Directorate of National Education in Ankara

Middle East Technical University

Ekip Engineering SA

ARDA Beratung & Bildung GmbH