Aldous Organised a Panel on Creative Skills during Creative Skills Week 2023 


In contrast to many other industries, the creative sectors primarily rely on informal education methods, such as apprenticeships, to develop essential skills. In today's globally competitive landscape with high workforce mobility, the validation of these skills has become a pivotal factor in maintaining quality standards.

Responding to the rapid evolution of work environments and technologies, new paradigms are emerging in the professional sphere. Competencies are now being more specific, and microcredentials have emerged as a means of validating these proficiencies.

We firmly believe that each industry is in a position to define the specific microcredentials required and establish mechanisms to ensure their validity. This discussion prompts consideration of the establishment of central accreditation authorities or industry leaders bestowing self-proven credentials.

If you're interested in sharing your insights and research on the validation of skills within the creative industries, we cordially invite you to join our online panel during Creative Skills Week 2023. To express your interest in becoming a speaker, please complete the following form:


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Organised iIn collaboration with Rehub and Inoveds